5 Kinds of Luxury Limousines to Pick for Travelling in Style

Who says you only have to invest in gold and real estate if you have a wealth to spare? This time why not buy a limo and travel somewhere in style and suave? What’s more? If you’re confused about the type of limousine to pick!

Fret not! This article will walk you through the various kinds of limousines that are in trend, and help you pick one that’ll suit your purpose best.

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  • Stretch Limousine

Are you planning to get married soon? Or is your little brother gearing up for his first prom? Well, the art of arriving at both the events in a stretch limousine never runs out of style, right? So, if you have a list of grand occasions to attend, buy a limo that comes under the stretch category. Housing up to 8 people, the stretch limo comes with a port of IPOD’s and USB’s, I phone charges, two LCD screens, and a bar along with overhead touchscreen control options.

  • Executive SUV Limousine

For a smaller family, this one is a suitable option if you’re considering to buy a limo. Seating up to 3 people this one has a long trunk for carrying loads of luggage. Further, with upholstered leather seats, tinted glass for privacy, magazines, refreshments and cup holders this one offers a comfortable ride.

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  • Limo Bus

So, you’re about to host a grand wedding reception at X location. So, why not give your audience a ride they’ll never forget. How? Get a limo bus when you’re out to buy a limo! Seating up to 30 people, this one comes with privacy partition, climate control features, champagne storage, fiber optic lighting, DVD players, and LCD flat screens to provide an exceptional luxury ride.

  • Stretch SUV

Are you thinking of going to the casinos and then heading out to a party with your best mates? Well, what’s a better option than heading out in a stretch SUV? Buying this limousine will offer you the benefits of a stretch limo, only slightly better. This one seats up to 14 people and comes equipped with Stereo subwoofers and amplifiers, for party goes to set the mood. Apart from these, it offers laser lights along with fiber optic lighting, an LCD flat screen with a choice of DVD and an extensive bar.

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  • Luxury Passenger Van

Unlike the Stretch SUV that is designed for partygoers, the luxury passenger van is ideal for traveling. So, let’s say you’re making a luxury field trip, then this van is ideal as it seats up to 14 people. Further, with tables attached to cup holders, comfortable seats and abundant room for luggage, this one is conditioned to offer a luxury comfortable ride.

So, depending upon your choice of lifestyle, budget and preference, pick any of the above-mentioned limousines, when you’re out to buy a limo. Now, travel in style and invest your money in something new and exciting which will surely offer you a good ROI.

The Advantages of Booking a Party Bus

When you are planning a trip with your friends or family, you can rent a party bus or a limousine service to add glitz to your event. You might feel that hiring a party bus or a limo means spending a lot of money. However, this is not true. Hiring a party bus for an event offers a lot of benefits. A party bus/limo is the best way to start the party. You will be able to ride to your destination in complete style and comfort. Apart from the comfort, you will be able to use the different amenities that it has to offer. You have the option to choose small, as well as large vehicles to transport your friends and family members. Take a look at some of the benefits that Limousines and party buses has to offer.

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Has Enough Space

The primary advantage of a party bus/limousines is the image that it offers. On hiring Olympic Limo Service Toronto , you reach the destination with blaring music and everybody having a gala time. This is enough to turn heads. Party buses are available in different sizes and they have the capacity to transport about thirty-five people at one go. Thus, it is an excellent means to travel as a group.

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Offers the Opportunity to Invite Everyone

Another advantage of hiring the party bus and limousine services in Toronto is you have the opportunity to invite all your friends or family members. When you plan an outing with a big group of people, you might have to decide on the number of vehicles that you will need. This can spoil the event and lower the spirits of the people you have invited.

If you rent a party bus, you can invite several people. Moreover, you will not have to worry about driving the car. This is a great benefit since you will not have to worry about the parking space fees. You will also be able to save time as you do not have to look for the parking space.

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Offers Safe Rides

One of the significant benefits of hiring Olympic Limousine Service Toronto is you won’t have to take the risk of driving after having alcohol. The rules of DUI are pretty severe and the police might confiscate your vehicle. If you rent a party bus, you will have a chauffeur at your service. Hence, there will be no danger of accidents.

Saves Money

If you consider carefully, you will find that hiring a party bus can reduce the cost to a considerable extent. If everybody is contributing money to reach the destination then hiring a party bus or a limousine can prove to be a cheaper choice. Hiring several vehicles to transport a large group of people can be costly enough.

A party bus will offer you with various on-board entertainments that you can take advantage of. Thus, you can have a party on the go. Hiring a limo rental in Toronto means you will be able to stay together throughout the ride. You can arrive at the destination along with your friends and family members. Hence, you will not have to look for people.

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